Saturday, 6 February 2016

Moe Set Wine - Myanmar Miss

Moe Set Wine is one of the Myanmar Miss.

She is very pretty, tall and intelligent.
Her leg is quite skinny.
\Moe Set WineMoe Set Wine
Miss MyanmarMyanmar Girl

She did not involve in any movies yet but involve in many commercial ads.

Miss Myanmar Girll, Moe Set Wine

Friday, 5 February 2016

Shwe Zin - Myanmar Girl

Shwe Zin is one of the new face model.
He style is very attractive even in burmese traditional dress.
The dress in below picture is nomally worn in village.
It is village girl's style before they go to river to have a shower.
Shwe ZinMyanmar Model Shwe Zin
Shwe Zin Myanmar GirlShwe Zin Myanmar Girl
Shwe Zin's village girl style is very pretty.
Moe Kya Shwe Ko Myanmar Girl

Thinzar Wint Kyaw - Myanmar Girl

Thinzar Wint Kyaw very attractive model in Myanmar.
She is quite beautiful and popular model and actress.
Thinzar Wint KyawThinzar Wint Kyaw
Hie boob is quite big. If you see hir boob, your heart will beat faster.
The more you look longer, the more your heart will beat faster.
Good health for you. come on. Watch her boob as much as you can.
Myanmar model girlThinzar moekyashweko

Thin Zar Wint Kyaw , Myanmar Moe Kya Shwe Ko Girl

Thinzar Nwe Win

Myanmar Model Girl Thinzar Nwe Win is one of the famous  model in Myanmar.
He is quite new model but very well know model and popular within short period.
Thinzar Nwe WinThinzar Nwe Win
She is pretty, attractive and very sweet model.

Myanmar GirlMyanmar Model Girl

Since last a few years back, she become actress and involve in many movie.
Moe Kya Shwe Ko

Enjoy Myanmar Moe Kya Shwe Ko.

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Yu Thandar Tin - Myanmar Moekyashweko Girl

Yu Thandar Tin is one of the prettiest girl in Myanmar.
She is quite attractive and very beautiful.

Myanmar model girlYu Thandar TinYu Thandar Tin Dinner Dress
She is more attractive with wedding dress.

Yu Thandar tin

Now, she is in many movies and videos.

Congratulation, Yu Thandar, Carry on. You can be more successful.